BidSpeaker Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the digital marketing campaigns run by BidSpeaker through its adserver technology. In order to perform behavioral advertising on digital marketing campaigns BidSpeaker collects information about users browsing behavior. Information is stored in the form of anonymous cookie IDs attached to the browser and in the form of Advertiser IDs in case of mobiles devices. If no cookie is set on the browser or the device has an unknown Advertiser ID we start gathering new data, that is we do not perform any kind of browser/device fingerprinting.

This is the type of information we store:

Operating System
Web Browser type and version
IP Address (used only for geographical targeting)
BidSpeaker Ads previously seen and clicked

Here is how we use that information:

Targeting ads based on geographical region
Targeting ads based on previously seen or clicked BidSpeaker ads
Frequency cap ads based on previously seen ads

Here is what we don't do:

We don't store or research private information such as name, address or email
We don't share our collected information with any 3rd party nor do we assist any 3rd party to set cookies outside of their domains
We don't target children under 18 years of age

Up to you!

The mobile Advertising ID is handled by Google and Apple depending on operating system. If you would like to reset your Advertiser ID on your mobile device you can do so by following either a link for iOS or for Android. Following the guidelines on those links will reset your Advertising ID along with the data mapped to it.

We also provide an option to decline the use of cookie based targeting. By following the link below you indicate to us that you prefer not to be targeted with BidSpeaker cookies. The link will remove previously set BidSpeaker cookies and set a new cookie indicating your opt-out choice. Please note that we will still use a cookie to manage our frequency cap since we believe frequency capping is part of decent internet behavior.

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